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I initiated this project as a means to help the class get vital information on curriculum issues. Now, the webpage has evolved into something bigger.  I have enjoyed working on the class webpage and will continue to dedicate myself to this project.  However, now I have more responsibilities than ever before and my time has become more precious.

Besides spending a little money on web design software I have worked who knows how many hours typing and programming to keep the web page updated and functioning.  Now, I'm adding some new functions that I have never used before.  This functions may allow me to get some pay back.

You will find links to, OfficeMax, and CafePress on this website.   By going to those sites from the homepage of this site (or by clicking below), I get credit for referring you to the store.  CafePress is an online store, a portion of the money used to buy merchandise with our class picture goes to me.  


What I get - "Hey, I'm just being honest"

Percentage of sales 
Gift certificate
Portion of sales

What does it all mean?  

If you need office supplies or stuff from you can help me out and still get everything you wanted by taking an extra step and going to the class website first.

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Last modified: July 04, 2000