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Many students have asked my opinions about internet stuff. Here is a list of things I have found or recommend for others. These suggestions have my bias. I list my personal favorite resource first.” - Ken


Get Free Web-based Mail

Description: E-mail provided to users at no cost, except that they attempt to send you advertisements, and may sell your information to others (please read fine print before signing on). I have a hotmail account that I use to register for all those “free” things and contests on the internet. This keeps spam (junk mail) from getting to my real home e-mail. I also set up alias e-mails (for example I use for use in my amateur music CD production . . . by the way, the CD is for sell at

Hotmail | Yahoo mail |find over 1000 “free” e-mail’s at 


Get Free Web Space

Description: If you want to get free web space to make your own home page, I recommend the sites below. They use the traffic at your site as advertisement. They also show you how to make web pages.  |


Get Free Internet Drive

Description: Internet drives are a growing fad. You can store your pictures, homework, etc. on the internet and share them with others. For example, if I’m in the Brody Library and I’m typing up a paper that I need later, but, I forgot to bring a disk I do two things. First, I save the project to the computer on which I’m working. Second, I load up and visit “Brody2003”. I can then upload my document to this internet space. I can now download that same document from any computer with internet access. And, I can tell a classmate that I’ve done it, and they can go download it. To experience this, go to and type “brody2003” in the visit idrive box located in the lower left corner. Then look and find the renal physiology notes Mayisha and I made one day. Everyone is welcome to use this drive as there own. I made it for the class.  |


Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Description: ISPs are the means that a computer accesses the internet. Like AOL for instance.

“Free” Internet Service—I’ve never tried the free internet services, so I can’t recommend any. However, you can search for one that may match your usage at FreeISP. I do know that Freelane offers local access from Greenville.

Paid Internet Service

I’ve been extremely happy with Earthlink. I have never been denied access to the internet because of busy lines (and I use the net at peak hours, sometimes 2-3 times a day). Earthlink is cheaper than AOL and if you use Sprint™ long distance you get a discount as well (I don’t do this because I got the cheddar deal with AT&T). I’ve tried AOL, Compuserve, & CoastalNet, and so far Earthlink is the best for me. There are only two reasons I would not use Earthlink: 1) if I was completely new to the internet, or 2) if I was looking to play around A LOT in chat rooms. If any of these two are you, then AOL is the way to go. Compare other internet providers, but, if you go with Earthlink please tell them that referred you for service. We both get a $40 credit if this happens.  Earthlink promises to have DSL too, a superfast internet connection.

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Last modified: June 26, 2000