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Health Behavior 

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In the spring semester of the M1 year, the professors gather questions generated by students and consider them for the mid-term and final.  The following is a collection of such questions. The mid-term is divided by week (with subject titles provided, when available).  I got smarter towards the end of the semester and placed all questions on one document.

Mid-term Questions

Chapter 2- Biopsychosocial Model Jan7th
Jan 14th.doc
Psychoanalytic Psychology - Jan 28th
Human Development- Pregnancy and Infancy Feb 7th
Human Behavior Preschool Age Feb 18th
Human Development School Age Child Feb25th
Human Development Adulthood Feb 28th

Final Questions

All Questions Submitted


Disclaimer:  USER BEWARE.  These notes are not checked for accuracy.  Undoubtedly, the you will find mistakes in notes prepared by medical students (just as the meticulous student finds them in professor's notes, published texts, tests, etc.).  Please use these notes as additions to prescribed materials.  When in doubt or conflict  as your professor.

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