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The following material rearranges the 1998 Anatomy Syllabus in outline form.  These notes were not prepared by a medical student taking gross anatomy.  The notes are from an ECU physical therapy (PT) student.  PT  gross anatomy sylllabus is very similar to the med student gross anatomy syllabus.  However, the following notes are not an adequate SUBSTITUTION for your anatomy syllabus.  Overall, these notes are very effective and useful for M1 medical students who have read the syllabus and are looking for an additional method to process information..

Back and upper limb
Brachial nerves final
Lower limb
Lumbosacral plexus
Orbits & Eye
Post Abdominal Wall, Male and Felmale Pelvis
SUMMARY TERMS-Abdominopelvic Cavity
SUMMARY TERMS-Nervous System
SUMMARY TERMS-Thoracic Cavity


Disclaimer:  USER BEWARE.  These notes are not checked for accuracy.  Undoubtedly, the you will find mistakes in notes prepared by medical students (just as the meticulous student finds them in professor's notes, published texts, tests, etc.).  Please use these notes as additions to prescribed materials.  When in doubt or conflict  as your professor.

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Last modified: June 12, 2000